GigaBlue remote controls Universal

Modern and robust remote controls


  • Serves 4 devices
  • full code listing so you can easily set up your equipment 
  • Gigablue Universal Remote Control infrared 
  • Universal remote control for LCD TV, AUX, DVD

GigaBlue Universal remote control - the following details will help you in selecting and buying the right product for your needs

Besides GigaBlue devices Serves your TV, Plasma, LCD device or your projector and your DVD player, DVD recorder and DVD player combo DVD / HDD.
Replaces your lost or broken remote control

Direct Code Entry: One time setup procedure using a 5-digit code to set the remote to control each device

Search method: A function that allows the user to search through all codes in the remote control (should not work the codes or the brand is not listed).

Code blink: A feature that allows the user to find out which code is used for a particular device (if it was using the search method found, for example)

Why GigaBlue universal remote control
Has the most extensive code database
Data are based 100% on the original remote controls of the manufacturer.